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Crane Companies 101

When You Need a Professional Crane Rental

Crane Companies in Michigan are a necessity for many construction projects. They provide the heavy lifting equipment that is needed to move materials or machinery too large or too difficult to transport by any other means. Crane rentals are necessary when you need something put up high, but don’t have access to it with ladders and scaffolding. Whether you need a crane rental in order to finish an installation on your roof, lift furniture into your new home, or install equipment at your factory floor – they’re the heavy lifters of construction!

Crane Companies in Michigan

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of crane you’ll be needing. There are three main types:

Mono-Crane – This type of crane has one arm, and can lift an object weighing up to 125 tons with at least two feet clearance under the load. It’s usually used for small machinery or for setting steel beams into place.

Tower Crane – Tower Cranes have multiple arms that provide great vertical lifting power without moving around too much onsite (unlike a monococque). They’re ideal if there isn’t enough room in certain areas where you want the work done because they allow access from all sides. The downside is that they don’t offer as large of a weight limit as larger cranes do (around 60-90 tons).

Jib Crane – A jib crane is even more versatile than a tower crane. It has the same vertical lifting power as a Tower Crane, but it also features an additional arm that can move side to side and forward and backward on its own track (much like you’d see at some construction sites). This makes them perfect for projects where there’s not enough room around the site to set up multiple cranes or towers. The downside of this type is that they’re usually smaller in weight capacity than other types, only able to lift between 30 and 50 tons without assistance from another machine such as a forklift.